Woman finally receives check for overpaid rent

Last month a women living in housing supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development contacted the Ombudsman Office with a list of complaints. First, because her rent was miscalculated, she has overpaid her rent by more than $700. Secondly, the management wants to give her rent credit, but she wants a check. Thirdly, she was asked to visit the office because her file had been “red flagged,” but when she went into the office they could not find the paperwork and told her simply not to worry about it.

She summarized her complaints by saying that there have been a number of staff changes in management and she thinks they just don’t know what they are doing.

The Ombudsman had a conversation with the manager of the property, who stated that she is new to the position. All of the woman’s concerns were presented, and the manager informed the Ombudsman that some of the concerns were in the process of being resolved. The new manager agreed to meet with the woman in order to address all her concerns, but the check the woman was waiting for was coming from the main office of the management company.

Several days later, the woman called the Ombudsman to report she had met with the manager and believes the new manager is sincere about making improvements. But she still does not have her check.

The Ombudsman contacted the main office of the management company, and learned that the woman would have her check within five days. However, two days later the woman called to report that the check arrived.

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