Wheeling's National Night Out

In Wheeling, an event that draws people from all over the community wrapped up around 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

National Night Out helps to strengthen relationships between law enforcement and residents. t’s a great way for the local police and fire departments to build positive relationships with the community, but also the U.S. Attorney’s office was there to spread a message about anti-bullying.

People in attendance believe this is an event our nation needs. 

“Some people don’t think that cops are bad people, and they’re actually not cause they are out there to let them know what they do,” said Wheeling Police Department volunteer Jacob Plants.

“This gives them a chance just to meet them outside of their gear and realize that they’re real people, and it’s not some scary person,” Colleen Weekley told 7News. “It’s someone who’s actually going to help them if they need the help.”

Each group planned demonstrations and displays to showcase what they do to help those in Ohio County everyday.

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