Wheeling Ranks As A Best Small City To Start A New Business

Out of hundreds of cities across the U.S., Wheeling makes the list as one of the best when it comes to starting a new business.

Mayor Glenn Elliott said he is thrilled about Wheeling ranking 61st out of 500 small cities. Four other West Virginia cities ranked on the list, none of them even ranking in the top 100.

The other cities that made the cut are Morgantown 318, Huntington 216, Charleston 493, and Parkersburg 417.

Elliott said Wheeling is a cut above with a talented workforce, a prime tri-state location, and great availability of natural resources. He said something he always takes for granted is the cost of living, which is much lower in Wheeling than many other cities.

Elliott said businesses across the country have taken note that you don’t have to make six figures to live comfortably. He said developers have taken note of affordable real estate prices.

“I get a lot of calls, I get a lot of emails, we’re always just trying to make some deals happen. One thing, you know, we try to get the state to increase the historic tax credit because we have a lot of historic properties you know and we think it would be perfect to really get those buildings in the right hands right now. That didn’t happen in the last legislative session, we hope it’s going to happen next year, it looks like it’s going to pass. There are some developers looking to take on projects in Wheeling next year if that happens,” said Elliott.

The mayor said the rank is great, but there’s work to be done. He said improving the city’s parks and recreation is a major focus right now

And improving the way Wheeling is marketed to the world specifically by the new city website which will officially be launched in September or October.

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