Wheeling Prepares for 17th Annual Blues Festival

The first ever Wheeling Heritage Music Blues Festival took place back in the year 2000. The turn out was light, and the future of the event was uncertain. 

Now, seventeen years later, it’s grown into one of the largest festivals in the area. 

This year’s festival kicks off Friday, August 11th and run through the 13th. 

The line up includes some of the top Blues artist from all over the world. 

Promoter Bruce Wheeler says that if your not familiar with the blues you should come check out the festival anyway. He says you will be pleasantly surprised.  

“If you grew up listening to any music the 70’s, on odds are you know the blues. You know the Rolling Stones, you know Eric Clapton. Those are blues artists at their root. So if you come here and don’t know anybody you anybody,any of the names you see You will go away saying…Wow that was really great,” says Wheeler.

 The three day event attracts over 2,000 people each day.  

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