What would Kyrie Irving look like on the Phoenix Suns?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – One of more buzzed about potential scenarios for a Kyrie Irving trade involves the Phoenix Suns.

Some have speculated that the Phoenix Suns are willing to part with point guard Eric Bledsoe among other assets. Though, it’s rumored the Cavs would also want rookie Josh Jackson as well as a future draft pick.

It’s all just speculation at this point. But fans of NBA 2K18 (as they’ve been known to do) are already playing things out.

A new simulation puts forth a Cavs-Suns trade involving Irving in exchange for Bledsoe and Jackson. The footage shows what Irving would look like alongside fellow-stud guard Devin Booker in Phoenix.

NBA 2K18, which features Irving as the cover star, hits retailers on Sept. 19.

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