Top towel trolling as Tennent's gazump Irn-Bru over Calvin Harris chart celebration

It’s a battle of the towels between two of Scotland’s best loved brands – after Calvin Harris showed off a special gift he received to celebrate his chart-topping success.

The superstar DJ from Dumfries revealed on his Instagram account that his record label Colombia had gifted him an Irn-Bru towel to celebrate his track ‘Feels’ reaching number one.

DJ Calvin Harris

After spotting his post the Irn-Bru Twitter account sprang into action and posted the image, adding “Worth knocking out a few more Number 1s then…”.

But not to be outdone, Tennent’s were quick to reveal their own version – with Scotland’s famous ‘Taps Aff!’ phrase emblazoned on it.

They cheekily added: “Hmm, not bad. But this is what you REALLY came for.”

The Scots DJ secured his eighth UK number one with the track featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean.

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