Rain is back, but most likely for evening hours: Akron weather forecast, Monday, July 10

AKRON, Ohio — After a dryer weekend, rain is back in the forecast for the beginning of the week.

Chances of rain are highest after 7 p.m. but it will be cloudy. The day will start off in the 60’s, but reach 80 around 2 p.m. 


High 81 degrees. Low 69. Air temperatures will feel around 83 degrees. It’ll be cloudy for most of the day. 

Precipitation potential

There’s a chance of storms from 9 a.m. onward, but chances of rain jump above 50 percent at 7 p.m. and rain is likely in the evening. 


Calm in early morning, reaching 10 mph at noon and staying there for the rest of the day. 

Sunrise: 6:03 a.m. 

Sunset: 9 p.m. 

Air quality: Moderate

Pollen: Low-medium 

cleveland.com meteorologist Kelly Reardon will return July 17.  

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