Organizations Sets Up Flood Relief Center in Wheeling


Wheeling Council summed up a tragic, flood-torn two weeks with thanks to all the first responders who worked tirelessly.

Flash flooding cost two lives and ruined many people’s property and Council member Wendy Scatterday said a volunteer resource center is set up in the back of WesBanco Arena, dispatching volunteers for clean-up. She said anyone who needs help is urged to call this number–1-800-541-1954, that call will then create a work order.

Anyone who wants to help with the task of clean-up is urged to show up, with their work clothes on, “If you are willing to help, show up between 8:30 and 2 p.m. every day including Saturday, except for Sunday, to the back of WesBanco Arena. Show up in work boots and be ready to get dirty. And we’ll resource you. And the priorities are being determined about the work orders. We are trying to get to the folks who are elderly, who do not have help or who may be disabled,” Scatterday said.

The Community Lutheran Partners is leading the disaster relief efforts and Councilwoman Scatterday said they also need monetary donations.

Again, show up behind WesBanco Arena if you want to donate time or money, Monday through Saturday, 8:30 to 2.

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