Ohio crematory shut down because of improper storage of bodies

CARLISLE, Ohio — A crematory near Dayton has been shut down by state officials after seven non-embalmed bodies were found in non-refrigerated area, with a report saying mold was found on one body and another was beginning to mummify.

The Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors has suspended the license for Premium Mortuary Services LLC and issued 15 citations against the facility, according to cincinnati.com.

State investigators found a disturbing scene during the July 28 inspection. Car fresheners were hanging in the area where the bodies were stored to try and cover the odor of rotting flesh, cincinnati.com reports. Maggots were consuming another body.

Jon W. Rettig Sr., president of the state board, tells WCPO Channel 9 the crematory is a “freestanding” facility. 

“All of these cases had to come through a funeral home,” Rettig tells WCPO. “This person was not a licensed funeral home, so they shouldn’t have been — they can’t be working directly with the public. A funeral home enlists them to perform the cremation.”

Neither of the facility’s two walk-in coolers was functioning properly when inspectors arrived on July 28, reports say. There were 18 bodies overall in the facility, 15 adults and three children.

“I can’t comment as to why things went on as long as they did,” Rettig tells WCPO. “The investigation will be continuing.”

News of the poor conditions has rattled families whose loved ones had been cremated at the facility, the Journal-News reports.

“This is morally wrong. They should be ashamed,” Misty Rose Blevins tells the Journal-News. Blevins’ mother, Tammy Lynn Blevins, 56, died June 26 and was cremated at Premium Mortuary Services on July 10.

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