Ohio County BOE Holds Meeting to Discuss Goals for Upcoming Year

The Ohio County Board of Education held a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss their goals for the upcoming year.

Student achievement, facility maintenance, finances, and technology were some of the main topics discussed. They also talked about budget plans, which consisted of projects that would better help their buildings.

School officials said they do all of this because they want what’s best for their students.

“So we want to make sure that the broader context is academic achievement, but there’s a lot of things that play into that. So we got to make sure that the finances are there the fundings there and we prioritize our projects appropriately so that we can actually use those resources to better enhance our learning experiences,” said Ohio County BOE President Zach Abraham.

“We’re expecting to look outside the box to continue to meet the needs of our students and provide great opportunities for them,” said Kim Miller, Superintendent of Ohio County Schools.

Students in Ohio County go back to school on Thursday August 17th.

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