Officials Seek State of Emergency for Opioid Crisis

A new report on combating drug addiction and the opioid crisis has many officials wanting the President to declare a state of emergency.

Officials say it’s obvious our country is in crisis, and declaring a national emergency will allow the federal government to act with the immediacy needed to end the epidemic.

Officials have been advocating for years about offering better education, expanding substance abuse treatment, strengthening data sharing, and much more. But the Administration needs to make these changes, which could be done by declaring a national emergency.

U.S. Representative David McKinley, a member of the White House Task Force Against Opioids, believes declaring an emergency would help. He said the first step in ending the problem is having a sergeant general that’s passionate about the issue.

“We have a new sergeant general now and I’m hoping this man will be more vocal and reach the kids, the younger generation. We’ve been working on this and we’re going to continue to push this,” McKinley said.

The new report also addresses the country’s need for better mental healthcare provisions and for sharing substance abuse treatment records among medical professionals. 

Many officials believe we must take these common sense and meaningful steps as a country in order to start reversing the opioid epidemic.

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