Middletown rescue: Dead animals on tracks ‘makings of serial killer’

The president of a Middletown animal rescue said it’s “disturbing” that someone may be killing animals and dumping them near railroad tracks.

Meg Melampy of Joseph’s Legacy said neighbors along the train tracks near Vannest Avenue have reported finding animals, from cats to canines, dead along the tracks. Melampy doesn’t believe the animals are being hit and killed by passing trains.

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“The trains are too loud and no animal would sit there and be hit,” she said.

Instead, she said she believes the animals are being killed, then placed near or on the tracks.

Whoever may be abusing these animals, Melampy said, needs to seek mental health assistance.

“It’s disgusting,” she said. “This is the makings of a serial killer. There is an issue there. Obviously something is wrong with them and they’re a danger to our society.”

The animals were first found this summer when neighbors and animal rescuers reported that bones and decaying carcasses were discovered along railroad tracks, Melampy said. More have been found recently, she said.

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There were Facebook posts recently that claimed 50 to 100 animals were found near the tracks. But Melampy and others searched the area Monday night and only smelled one fresh dead animal. The group will expand its search for “the dumping ground” of dead animals, she said, adding that they will find whoever is killing the animals.

“We’re all over it,” she said.

The group has contacted the Butler County Dog Warden. She said the dog warden is investigating the animal cruelty cases “very seriously.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Butler County Dog Warden at 513-887-7297.

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