Great British Bake Off 2017's best and filthiest innuendo from week one – as Noel Fielding and Prue Leith lead the way

Soggy Bottom has become exposed bottom, but some things never change, thank God.

The innuendo came thick and fast, showing that while our favourite baking show may have changed channel the innuendo is here to stay.

Noel Fielding did not disappoint, and even the bakers got in on the action.

Ignore the adverts (who really likes those?), the over-the-top targeted advertising and the fact there’s no Mel and Sue and Mary (we’re still crying) and you can kind of squint and pretend. Let’s pretend.

So here’s the best innuendo from week one.

“Do not worry about leaving a bare bottom”

…because the bottom innuendo will be plentiful from now on in.

“Oh I’m dripping all over the place”

Cough. Cough.

“The skewer may well come out wet because it’s hit a piece of fresh fruit”

Ah we see Prue, so that’s why they call it popping ya cherry. Or so we here.

“We are allowed exposed bottoms”

It’s the new soggy bottom.

“If there’s an opportunity for exposed bottoms we should embrace it”

Noel is all for the exposed bottom.

Prue was striking lucky this week

“I just want to avoid too much leakage in the batter”

It’s something we all want to avoid tbqh.

“How much moisture is that fruit going to release?”

It’s a question that keeps us up at night.

“I can actually feel my hips widening as we do it”

Sue seemed a little alarmed.

“Moist clutch”

I mean it was a handbag… or a gothic take on a cake.

“You want spherical balls.”

It’s true. It’s science.

“No more touching your illusions.”

Cough, listen to Noel.

She’s all about the science.

“I want to come to your’s for breakfast.”

..well he did say anytime.

*we can’t even talk about the chocolate champagne bottle*

Did we miss any? Let us know your favourites in the comments…and if you think we’re immature, yes, yes, we are .

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