Former Navy SEAL, political analyst visits Woodsfield


Former Navy SEAL, Special FBI Agent, and host of “The Experts” Johnathan T. Gilliam paid a visit to Woodsfield Sunday to speak about his experiences in the military and as a national security and political analyst.

Gilliam has served as a CNN contributor and has appeared as an analyst on several major networks.

Sunday he discussed policies and current events in the U.S. from his perspective, drawing on his operational experiences in the military.

Gilliam says it is important to come to small towns to have these discussions, because he is seeing a shift in lawmaking today that is favorable toward rural areas and focuses less on major cities.

“It’s two different ways of life, and one shouldn’t govern the other. I think that rural areas are becoming more important in what they feel for themselves, and hopefully that will start to grow. These rural towns are hurting because the laws that are in cities are being applied to the rural areas,” said Gilliam. 

If you would like to watch his webcast “The Experts,” just search for Jonathan T. Gilliam on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. 

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