Family of teenager killed in Cass Lake speaks ou

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) – The family of the 15-year-old who drowned in Cass Lake is speaking out tonight. 

Mohamad Wutwut went missing Saturday afternoon, after swimming with friends. His family received the heartbreaking news that divers found his body, after searching for several hours.

His family says he was a “stand out athlete” and an “all around good kid.” 

“The kids are supposed to bury their parents – the parents are not supposed to bury the kids,” said Abe Wutwut, the victim’s cousin. 

“And to have him taken away in a heartbeat… it’s not easy… not easy on anyone,” Wutwut said. 

For nearly five hours, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and Waterford Police searched near an area where Mohamad Wutwut went missing. 

Abe Wutwut learned the heartbreaking news about his cousin at about 1 am. 

“They told me first I waited about an hour… I didn’t want anyone seeing him in the condition he was in,” Wutwut said. 

Wutwut says he has only good memories of his cousin. 

“He was a good kid…a very nice guy, just a kind soul,” Wutwut said. 

The family tells 7 Action News they’re all receiving a lot of support from the community. The Islamic House of Wisdom is offering a free funeral service. 

They also started a GoFundMe Page. 


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