Cut off: Condo says resident can’t charge electric car

An Ottawa woman is offering to cough up some extra green (i.e. money) for her condo board to switch the hydro back on in the parking lot, after they cut the power because she was charging her new electric car.

Kimberley Shown says she was plugging her new Chevy Volt into a nearby terminal every day for two weeks before the property manager noticed and shut the terminal down. She also received an email informing her that she was breaking a condo bylaw by using the electrical terminals to charge something other than a block heater.

Shown acknowledges that she should have checked the bylaws before purchasing her Volt, but now she’s hoping to lead the push to make the site more friendly for electric cars. She’s offered to pay the legal costs of changing the condo bylaw, and says she’s willing to pay an additional $35 a month to cover the additional cost of hydro.

But the condo board has rejected her proposal, saying that they will need to conduct a thorough review before making any decision. The board said it sees electric cars as a “major player in the near future,” but it wants to fully evaluate the challenges of preparing for that future.

“This will not happen quickly,” condo property manager Gary Wentzel said in a statement to CTV Ottawa. “The board must do its due diligence by first fully understanding the request, then determine what system the site currently provides and finally, what changes and costs are required to make the site ‘electric car friendly.’”

Shown says she plans to stay at the condo complex and carry on the push for electric car spots.

“I’m hoping that if I stay and that if I continue the conversation long enough, that they’ll be willing to accommodate,” she said.

With files from CTV Ottawa

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