Congressman McKinley Tours the Ohio Valley After Flooding

U.S. Representative David McKinley stopped by the Ohio Valley Tuesday to visit residents just three days after devastating flood waters hit Ohio, Marshall and Wetzel counties.

Congressman McKinley is the second political figure to tour the Ohio Valley, as Governor Justice toured McMechen this past weekend.

Residents, especially in Wetzel Count, continue to clean up after flood waters swept through their towns, destroying homes and livelihoods.

Congressman McKinley said officials are doing what they can though, starting with FEMA.

Officials are working with FEMA to determine the extent of the damage, which includes significant damage to the volunteer fire department, lots of debris on roads and much more.

While this is the worst flooding the town of Hundred has ever seen though, Congressman McKinley said it’s hard to convince FEMA to give individual families the help they need.

“FEMA is very likely going to be fine with helping the community for their sewer, water lines and roads, but it’s the individuals. We’ve got to make sure they have the help, so we’re trying to find ways to make that more likely to happen,” McKinley said.

McKinley also said that,  in the future, residents will have to keep better records. FEMA believes it’s key to have current photos of before and after.

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