Chances for storms, upper 80-degree temperatures ahead for Akron Wednesday: Weather forecast

One high resolution forecast model of the expected thunderstorms Wednesday. If loop does not automatically repeat, click the image. 

AKRON, Ohio – Chances of thunderstorms are on the horizon for Akron Wednesday, but they’re looking relatively scattered. The greatest threat is in the afternoon, topping off around 50 percent. However, accompanying the rain will come a slight increase in humidity, which will feel especially hot due to afternoon temperatures hitting the mid to upper 80s.

The storms are developing along a weak incoming cold front. Fronts initiate rising motion in the atmosphere, which leads to air becoming increasingly unstable, and therefore better for forming precipitation. 

The Storm Prediction Center says the storms shouldn’t become severe.

Wednesday’s severe weather outlook. 

Check out the forecast:


Temperature forecast. 

Precipitation chances

Precipitation forecast. 


Wind speed and direction forecast. 

Sunrise: 6:23 a.m.

Sunset: 8:41 p.m.

Pollen level: 6.7/12, medium for grasses, dock and nettle

Air quality: Moderate

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