Candlelight Vigil Held for Flood Victim

Friends and family gathered Tuesday night to honor the life of 18-year-old Page Gellner.

Over a hundred people showed up to “Light up the Bridge” where Page’s body was found late Friday night. The event began around 9 p.m. behind WesBanco Arena as people showed up with candles in support of the girl lost during the devastating flooding last week.

7News spoke with Page’s sister, Amber Ritchie, who says seeing all this love from the community helps during this terrible time in their lives. Another family member said it’s no longer the community around them, but now just one giant family. They also emphasized how much they love everyone who was at the vigil and helped during the search.

“Honestly, right now, mainly gratitude,” said Ritchie. “I mean you go through every emotion at this point. Right now so much gratitude for so much of the community out here helping us and supporting us, and being our backbones right now. After you go through everything else that’s what you’ve got left.”

Her sister also said this is one last hoo-rah to Page, which she believes is what Page would’ve wanted.

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