5 things to know on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017

Nova Scotia’s history of mining is going viral in an unusual way: an anonymous group is shooting videos showing the exploration of abandoned mines. Despite the history lesson, public officials aren’t amused. In world headlines, Prince Philip is preparing for his final solo public engagement before retiring and Air Transat is facing a backlash over a stranded flight in Ottawa.

1. Stranded passengers: Hundreds of Air Transat passengers were trapped for six hours on the tarmac in a plane that they say was so hot, someone was forced to call 911.

2. Stepping back: Prince Philip will serve in his final solo public engagement today, before he retires from the duty.

3. Growing fear: A new survey says that Canadians have a growing fear of the power and influence of the United States, when asked to rank their concerns about the world.

4. Wildfire damage: Wildfires have destroyed more than 300 buildings across British Columbia, with smoke creating visibility problems as crews prepare to battle more fires in the coming days.

5. Minehunters: A group of anonymous explorers in Nova Scotia are gaining infamy with their penchant for exploring abandoned mines across the province. The provincial government is asking the group to stop before someone gets killed.

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