$100M Water Street: New apartments, condos, offices may be on the way

The Water Street District, which has already dramatically transformed the northeastern section of downtown Dayton, could add even more housing and offices to the rapidly growing mixed-use development.

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The Water Street developers are looking at building a four-story apartment building just east of Fifth Third Field, which could contain 110 new apartments and 10,000 square feet of restaurant space, according to information shared today at the Downtown Dayton Partnership’s annual special improvement district meeting.

The district’s investments already have topped $100 million.

The developers also are looking at potentially redeveloping the six-story Lincoln Liner building that sits directly west of the Delco Lofts apartments building, which opened 133 apartments earlier this year.

The Lincoln Liner and Delco buildings are right next to the ballpark, on the west end of the field.

Potential plans could include 60 apartments and street level retail and parking, according to information shared by developers Woodard Development and Crawford Hoying.

“We have a lot of opportunity to grow the district,” said Jason Woodard, principal of Woodard Development.

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Other potential projects could include a four-story, 60,000-square-foot office building along Webster Street, south of the bridge and the Water Street apartments along the river.

And the developers are exploring redeveloping vacant land at Deeds Point to belongs to the city of Dayton, which they have an option to purchase. Deeds Point sits at the intersection of the Miami and Mad rivers, across from the Water Street District’s apartments along the waterway.

The land could be turned into 48 condominiums for sale, featuring townhomes and flats, according to the developers.

Water Street has seen explosive growth. The district’s 215 apartments along the river are fully occupied, and so is its four-story office building at Monument and Patterson Boulevard.

The Declo Lofts, which opened a few of months ago, has 133 apartments, 110 of which are leased. A new Fairfield Inn and Suites is under construction, which should open in the fall of 2018.

The developers are building 54 new apartments by the Mad River, which should open in the spring.

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